Nobody ever got fired for hiring ______

I´m testing multilingual blogging. Pleasse excuse my English ;-), well actually not my but Google transalaor.

Those who have spent years dedicated to  innovation  have always suffered from the syndrome of solving the major, that of «nobody ever got fired for hiring ______» (enter the name of your favorite company, IBM, SAP, Accenture, Microsoft, etc.)..

Protection against project  failure for the  decision make was easy: «If   ________ could not get  it right, imagine a SME.»

Yesterday I learned of the first Board of Directors fired for having mismanaged a project to implement SAP. His company was without  for two months and several without management system.

It is novel that ERP implementation projects fail. I remember a meeting with the owner of a cannery that had just come from a meeting with the bank which had been the partner of the consulting firm, needing funding, was unable to check in four months. In two recent visits I have made the two companies had been unable to pay suppliers because of ERP implementation.

The novelty for me is that the market is beginning to understand that the image size and are no excuse. Proven solutions that are not so tested.

SMEs often suffer from the fact that the client feels safer hiring a big one. And I understand that perception, but is just that, a perception.

Respect to large businesses, you are because they do a great job, but SMEs also know it.

So if you are thinking of hiring a big do it because you believe in them, but you can not say that of «never fire anybody for hiring _____»

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